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GIARDINO DEI TAROCCHI  (Tarot Garden, Italy)
                               | The World Capital of Tarot |


It was back in 1997 that I first knew about the sculptures of the great artist Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) in an exhibition at Culture Center CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil) in Rio de Janeiro and since then I have been fallen in love with her astonishing art. I saw some of her work in other museums around the world but never had the chance to enter the amazing "Giardino dei Tarocchi (Capalbio, Italy)"; well, in May, 2012, the dream came true!

The reunion with the HERMIT was wonderful and revealing!
Nei naiff 1998Nei Naiff 2012
1998 - Centro Cultural BB2012 - Giardino dei Tarocchi

Strolling through the alleys of the enchanted garden I was touched by the immense effort she must have made during the 20 years the monuments took to be built. I realized what no one had ever thought about it: this place is truly the World Capital of Tarot. There’s nothing like this! Yes! I must bring out such insight to spread the ideia that we could have a world meeting place, a sacred ground focusing only on Tarot. If I already love her art, now I’m eternally grateful for the building of a park dedicated to the Arcana cards, a place which spiritual and artistic power one could only grab by walking around such magic ground. I could talk a lot more about it, but we better see the pictures and watch the video. Enjoy it!

Giardino dei Tarocchi (Jardim dos tarôs) Capalbio, Garavicchio. Itália. Vamos! Um mundo mágico O lago dos arcanos. Crianças... ou pequenos tarólogos? Mago, Sacerdotisa e Roda. Imperatriz (casa onde morou Nick de Saint Phale).

The Tarot Garden is a legacy for mankind because it brings together culture and mysticism in its higher artistic manifestation. The park belongs to all of us, it’s an outdoor art gallery and it welcomes people of all ages and creeds. For many years Niki de Saint Phalle has lived inside the “Empress”, whose structure was changed to be a real (fantastic!) home. From its windows (eyes and breasts) the artist could see her amazing garden being built, step by step. The park has structures, monuments and sculptures that represents the 22 major arcana cards.

Janela do bico do seio da Imperatriz. Imperatriz | Sala de jantar Julgamento, interior da Imperatriz. Carro. Terraço da casa da Imperatriz. Vista geral (da casa da Imperatriz) Sacerdote. Enamorados... namorando!

Niki de Saint Phalle wrote in 1997: “This garden was made with love, wild enthusiasm, obsession and most of all faith. As in all fairy tales, before finding the treasure, I met on my path, dragons, sorceres, magicians an the Angel of Temperance… I also felt it was my destiny to make this garden no matter how great the difficulties. Nothing could stop me… Today I see these difficulties as part of the initiation [in the spiritual world]”. The artist-builder has left a will stipulating that nothing could change or added, that everything should remain under the inspiration and vision that she had while visiting the Guel Park (Barcelona, Spain) in 1955, and Bomarzo Garden (Viterbo, Italy).

Vsita geral e a Árvore da Vida Detalhe da Árvore da Vida. Justiça... quer saber o que tem dentro dela? Roda | Jardim do Imperador. Morte, transformando tudo! Detalhe do jardim do Imperador. Temperança, casa de meditação e oração. Interior da Temperança.

While wandering through the monuments I’ve had the pleasant surprise to see several school tours (from elementary to middle school) with their teacher talking about Art History because the park was built with the artist bare hands, renowned worldwide for its so peculiar art (traces of Naive with Gaudi art). On the other hand I noticed that they were also learning what each tarot card represented in divination! So, I wondered: “New generation of tarot readers?

Diabo Torre e sua queda. Jardim da Torre e do Imperador... Os dois juntos, preciso dizer a razão? Fonte dos prazeres (Nanas de NickSP)

I spent hours absorbed into the bucolic landscape, going back and forth to see every little piece, and even today, seeing the pictures, I find details that went unnoticed to me in that sunny afternoon full of charm and magic. The garden is also an invitation to meditation, for silence (in some areas) with the whispering leaves that inspirer the purest desire to be in tune with every Arcanum card that lies there and asking to them: "How tomorrow is going to be? What will be my fate? Can I reach self-knowledge?".

Estrela: luz e água. Lua e o autoconhecimento Encontrei o arcano SOL! Detalhe do Sol (arcano e astro-rei) Mundo, sempre girando. Detalhe do lago dos arcanos. Mago encontra Mago, que sempre tem a carta Mago na manga! Visite a capital mundial do tarô!Free Slideshow Script by VisualLightBox.com v3.0





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